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What You Need to Know About the Limitations of Jessica’s Law

To curb the dangers of sex offenders repeating the crime when released from jail California state passed Jessica’s law. The target of the law was to ensure that minors were safe from registered sex offenders. The challenge, however, is that this law has some major drawbacks. To learn more about Jessica’s law, you need to find the top website that published content on this subject. You will aim to know why it is called Jessica’s law and the various stipulations it makes. Read more now to uncover the flaws you need to learn about Jessica’s law.

The convicted suspects of a sex crime have to register as sex offenders under Jessica’s law. Finding work is therefore hard for people who have been registered as sex offenders. Today, companies undertake background checks, and therefore having been convicted for sex offenses means that no one will hire you. Hence, this is a major flaw of Jessica’s law as it is hard for offenders to get work.

The other stipulation of Jessica’s law is for the offenders to stay away from places with children. In many towns, these parks and schools are near homes and apartments. Therefore, for registered sex offenders, it is difficult to find housing once they are out of jail. People when moving will check to see if the neighborhood has a registered sex offender and, if so, avoid that neighborhood. At the moment few landlords will agree to rent their properties to registered sex offenders.

With the stipulations of Jessica’s law, the registered sex offenders may be isolated from the community. Most people try to stay away from people who have served jail terms. People with feeling uncomfortable when interacting with a person with a criminal record. It is therefore impossible to socialize and meet new people when a person is a registered sex offender. The fear is that by interacting with a registered sex offender you are putting your kids in harm’s way. It is also normal to fear that registered sex offender may ignore the stipulations made by Jessica’s law.

The limitation of Jessica’s law does not mean that it is redundant as it helps keep children safe from known sex offenders. It is therefore crucial to look for alternative ways that can help prevent sex offenders from repeating their crimes. The goal is to offer these people a second chance in life without compromising the safety of the young children. It is therefore crucial you the lawmakers to start addressing these flaws.