We use 100% natural materials that are built in
eco-friendly textile plants here in the United States.

50% of our profits are donated to environmental charities.

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Our 2016 grunge Summer collection

Inspired by nature for nature. Our new 2016 collection has a grunge look and is made of 100% cotton.

Our 2016 urban collection

This collection is adapted to urban life. It has a sleek look and spacious design.

Our 2016 hiking collection.

Built strong to withstand all climates cold hot wet and dirty.

Why should you buy our products?

More than all we care about nature and the environment.
We think that protecting our planet is more important than making money.

  • Natural materials

    We use 100% natural textiles such as cotton and hemp. We use wood from wood farms and recycled metals.

  • Donations

    MCM Backpacks donates 50% of its profits to organizations devoted to saving our planet.

  • Animal protection

    We do not use fur or leather in our products. When you buy from us you can have peace of mind that no animals died to produce our backpacks.

  • Employees and labor

    All of our staff members are payed equally. They are diverse they work in a stress free environment here in the USA.

Want to buy from us?

It will be our pleasure doing business with you!